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Animal Orthodontics


Introduction On Animal Orthodontics

This website discusses the most important /common orthodontic issues for cats and dogs in detail. Horse and groundhog braces are also mentioned, although with less facts, because they are not so developed yet. It also contains writing about the future of animal orthodontics and about interesting information which should not be confused with animal orthodontics. 

Why do animals need braces in the first place?

     It might not be easy to comprehend why animals need dental or orthodontic treatment in the first place. But it's not difficult to find the answer if we compare the life and diet of the animals living around humans to those living in the wild. The main differences are:

     While zoo veterinarians regularly make oral exams for animals - especially in those species where dental problems occur particularly often - regarding house pets it is the owner's responsibility to make sure that the beloved companion does not suffer from diseases that have dental/orthodontic origin.

Cat Chew Toy Design

I have also designed a chew toy for cats (and small dogs) which helps keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean. Healthy, well developed teeth and jaws results in a lower chance of needing an orthodontic appliance, ensuring less discomfort for the animal. 

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